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Circular appliances: a journey throughout each stage of the products’ lifecycle

Campaigns 18 May 2021

APPLiA is happy to launch its website Circular Appliances, a digital platform running through each phase of the home appliances’ lifecycle, from design to end-of-use, aimed at displaying the achievements of the sector and fostering a more sustainable culture among European citizens.

Efficient use of resources and materials are guiding principles of the industry. More

This is where it all starts: appliances are circular by design.More


The home appliance industry provides EU households with appliances that make our lives easier by saving time, energy and water, securing a clean and healthy home environment. Over the years, the sector renewed its commitment to pursuing circularity throughout the entire products’ lifecycle, delivering increasingly higher efficiency standards. To better understand the importance for industry and society of circularity and the results achieved to date by the sector, APPLiA’s brand new website will let you embark on a journey throughout each stage of the product’s lifecycle. Building upon concrete data, real-life examples and the latest publications, projects and activities carried out by the Association on the purpose, the Circular Appliances website is designed to let you discover what circularity means for the industry.

The industry has been consuming less during production. More

Most of the energy is consumed during the use phase. As consumers we are responsible for our impact on the societal consumption pattern. More



Circularity in fact is enhanced throughout all the life stages of a device: it starts with raw materials followed by the design of the product, then it goes through production, use and consumption, repair, recycling and recovery. At this latter stage, recycled waste is injected back into the economy as a secondary raw material and the cycle begins again. In a circular economy, products serve their purpose for as long as possible and then are turned into other home appliances or different tools including benches or bicycles, continuing to offer a service to users. There are a variety of ways to drive resource efficiency and manufacture sustainable products that advance the circular economy: targeting at-source material efficiency, for instance by reducing the quantity of material used in the creation of products, increasing the efficiency of devices during their use phase, employ more sustainable materials, designing for durability and repair as well as for recovery. Moreover, a whole new range of sustainable alternatives such as product-as-service models and digital solutions for instance, are underway and can contribute to a better quality of life, innovative jobs and upgraded knowledge and skills. These new sustainable goods, services and businesses, together with traditional sales models, can contribute to foster more sustainable consumption patterns.

Appliances are repairable today. More

Recycled waste is injected back in the economy as secondary raw materials.More


By the means of an immersive and interactive format, the Circular Appliances website offers the public a comprehensive experience with the opportunity to dive in each phase of the product’s lifecycle and discover how the home appliance industry drives the circular transition. All of this builds up on what APPLiA calls a “circular culture”, which means bringing all societal actors together for achieving more ambitious circularity objectives. With the purpose of facilitating its implementation, APPLiA has merged these two interrelated initiatives, Circular Appliances and Circular Culture, into one complete tool, providing several supportive information and guiding EU citizens through a more sustainable behaviour. 

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