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Campaigns 31 Mar 2023

Microplastics have become a topic of considerable concern across many industries and sectors. With efforts scaling up at the international level to tackle the problem, the implementation of different regulations across Europe risks hampering the free movement of goods and jeopardising the Single Market. All of which calls for the adoption of a lifecycle-based approach to identify the most cost-effective solution to a global issue. Whilst lengthy discussions are taking place on trying to identify solutions, it is essential to acknowledge the complexity of the issue. Before setting any legislative requirements on washing machines, a number of technical considerations must be addressed. 

As a key actor in the discussion, APPLiA was the coordinator of the Consortium on Microplastics Release during Household Washing Processes, bringing together 21 signatories ranging from washing machines, detergent and filter manufacturers, to test institutes and facilities towards a standardised testing methodology assessing microplastics release during household washing cycle. These preliminary but rather concrete steps make clear the industry’s commitment to take part in the discussion and ultimately tackle microplastic pollution in Europe. The Consortium concluded its roughly 2-year-work in March 2023. 

Watch the recording of APPLiA's webinar on "Unintentionally released microplastics during textile laundry" featuring French Ministry for the Ecological Transition Philippe-Marie Lacroix 


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