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The new EU energy label

Campaigns 08 Mar 2021

Starting from this 1st of March, dishwashers, washing machines, washer-dryers, refrigerators and freezers have a new energy label design, visible in shops and online.

This is the fourth time the EU energy label has been revised since its creation in 1994. According to the Special Eurobarometer 492, over 79% of consumers rely on it when buying home appliances. Building on the increasing demand for energy saving products, companies have continued to invest in new technologies to develop more efficient and advanced appliances. 

In consideration of this continuous product innovation and with the majority of products now ranked in the top classes, the European Commission considered that a rescale of the classification was needed to grant consumers recognisable and comparable information regarding energy consumption, performance and other essential characteristics of home appliances. 

Watch APPLiA’s animated video on the new energy label. 

With the introduction of a QR code, consumers can access additional information about the product by simply scanning it with their smartphone. The data is stored and available to all EU citizens on EPREL - the European Product Registry for Energy Labelling. 

To ease this transition phase towards the new label, APPLiA has created a comprehensive website designed for dealers, suppliers and consumers, bringing together all the up-to-date information on the new energy label. Available in 16 languages, is offering product-by-product information and an interactive space for all questions you might have.

APPLiA's work supports the institutional programmes launched by the European Commission: BELT and LABEL 2020.


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