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APPLiA launches report on latest home appliance industry trends

Press Releases 08 Apr 2024

The home appliance industry in Europe continues its journey toward greater sustainability and innovation. 

The report examines the latest production, sustainability and market trends from the home appliance sector and provides an overview of the policy developments around the industry in 2022-2023. 

Key findings: 

  • Material use during production has dropped
  • Average water and energy consumption of washing machines and dishwashers significantly decreased
  • While the amount of electrical and electronic waste collected, treated and recycled has been increasing steadily over the years, there is still a significant gap of undocumented materials 
  • Units of large and small appliances traded in Europe slightly dropped between 2022 and 2023 with the only exception for washing machines and irons 


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This comprehensive guide offers insights into various aspects of the industry, including product innovation, policy developments, material usage, energy consumption patterns, waste management, market trends, and research and development investments.

APPLiA’s Statistical Report  for 2022-2023, stands not only as a confirmation to the industry's resilience but also as a compass guiding stakeholders towards a more sustainable and prosperous future amidst the overflow of political activity in Brussels ahead of the 2024 European elections.

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