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APPLiA kicks off industry-wide energy-saving campaign

Press Releases 26 Oct 2022

APPLiA - Home Appliance Europe kicks off its energy-saving campaign, gathering the intelligence of global leading home appliances manufacturing companies, to encourage small, effective changes to the way consumers use their home appliances. The purpose? Spelt out in the name of the campaign, #killURbill. 

Alone, the so-called ‘passive cooking’ of pasta would save up to 47% of energy and CO2 emissions. Cooking with a lid on, saves up to 25% of energy. Using the dishwasher consumes 10 times less than washing tableware by hand. “Taking a similar approach to the savings offered by all their essential appliances can bring about tangible benefits to householders,” explained Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director General, emphasising the importance of making better use of our appliances, as one of the possible effective means to tackle the impending energy crisis across Europe. 

By and large, consumers tend to ignore the potential of using the ECO setting on their washing machines and dishwashers. While the average duration of the ECO programme takes about 39 minutes longer than any other setting, it is capable of substantially reducing energy and water consumption. “Heating up the water is what takes the most energy,” highlighted Falcioni. A longer wash means the water doesn’t have to be quite so hot and not as much. “Sustainable technologies are already in-built in most of the products distributed across EU homes,” he continued, emphasising the role of the campaign in informing consumers about the cost-saving potential they could unlock by making the most of what is already available in our homes. 

Today’s fridges and washing machines can do a great job using respectively ¼ of the energy and ⅓ of the water needed 20 years back. Digital technologies can provide medium and long-term energy efficiency solutions for households to save electricity and cut costs, amid the impending crisis. In spite of this, more than 188 million home appliances across Europe are over 10 years old. “For consumers, replacement can seem complex, time-consuming and expensive which is why government action is needed to support investments in energy efficiency and map-out the steps to come,” stated Falcioni. This, alongside behaviour change, as detailed in the advice provided by the #killURbill campaign can go a long way to stimulate the market and result in an uptick in recovery, by guiding people and businesses on how to save energy, quickly. 

Finding ways to encourage energy users to change their behaviour is surely not an easy task. “APPLiA’s kill your bill campaign wants to show that simple actions can often be effective,” pointed out Falcioni. The current crisis presents a unique moment. High prices are focusing minds on the importance of efficiency, with its potential to deliver immediate results by lowering demand, while also putting Europe on the journey towards longer-term gains. This couples with the need to re-acknowledge the power of behaviour. With a pressing need and with guidance from governments and businesses, “we can achieve measurable results in energy demand,” concluded Falcioni. 

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