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Joint industry recommendations ahead of F-gas plenary vote

Policy papers 28 Mar 2023

This week's plenary vote on F-gas marks an important step toward the achievement of the EU’s climate and energy security ambitions. Our recommendations alongside 12 industry associations.

Eleven innovative, renewable and strategic industry sectors ask for your support during the F-Gas Review Plenary vote to create a balanced, ambitious, outcome. Please vote in favour of Amendments 160, 172, 175, 176, 177, 178, 185 and 187.

On behalf of an alliance of 11 leading European associations and global partners active in the European market representing industries manufacturing, servicing, and installing heating, cooling, refrigeration and foam insulation solutions and supported by European farmers and agri-cooperatives, we urge your support for critical amendments to the F-gas Regulation Revision.

The amendments will help ensure an effective F-gas phasedown while maintaining the EU’s climate and energy security goals. The alliance fully supports and endorses these ambitious amendments, which have been presented by a diversity of MEPs from 16 countries and across six political groups.

We would like to recommend you vote in favour of the following amendments during the scheduled plenary vote on 30th March.

1. Amendments 172 and 185: These amendments ensure the long-term ambition of the EU Commission and the 2050 carbon neutrality targets that the industry fully supports, and at the same time enables the necessary heat pump deployment to achieve the REPowerEU targets.

2. Amendment 175: This amendment provides a more comprehensive and granular view of product ban 17 on self-contained air-conditioning and heat pump equipment, while providing a clear direction in three progressive steps and maintaining an ambitious transition for this equipment.

3. Amendments 176 to 178: These amendments relate to product ban 18 on split heat pump and air-conditioning systems. They offer a more comprehensive vision of what is technically feasible, energy efficient and safe for split systems with three progressive steps.

4. Amendments 187 and 160: These amendments are key, as Article 11 would otherwise impact spare parts and other components, thus making the repair and upgrade of existing equipment impossible, which would be contradictory to the EU Circular Economy objectives.

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