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APPLiA response to TRIS notification on French durability index

Policy papers 02 Nov 2023

APPLiA would like to respond to the TRIS Notification 2023/0477/FR and 2023/0480/FR with regard to the draft Decree relating to the durability index for electrical and electronic equipment in France.

Recently, France notified to the European Commission a draft decree introducing a durability index for electrical and electronic equipment including washing machines, at national level. The measure not only clashes with the criteria set for Europe's repairability index and overlaps with the design of a European durability index, but it also impedes the free circulation of goods.

French consumers will soon be faced with three different indexes at the point of sale - the EU repairability index, the French repairability index, and the French durability index - all based on different criteria, and misleading them about the true sustainability of a product.

APPLiA urges the European Commission to take action against initiatives disruptive of the Single Market and request France to discuss the measure at EU level.

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