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Letter to Council members to remove F-gas ban for some applications

Policy papers 28 Sep 2023

The final F-gas trilogue negotiations are set to start on 5 October to deliberate on Europe's plan to ban all F-gas.

However, such a plan comes at a high cost for people and the environment. A full-fledged ban would in fact not only hamper product innovation but also push consumers to opt for less efficient, more economically convenient alternatives. This poses a significant challenge, particularly for consumers in countries where affordable cooling and heating solutions are most needed.

The proposal put forward by the European Parliament mandates the industry to invest millions of euros in developing new products, for which an impact assessment would only be carried out in 2030.

APPLiA urges the Council of the European Union to consider the need for a comprehensive impact assessment before implementing any ban, to assess whether cost-effective, technically feasible, energy-efficient and reliable alternatives exist which make the replacement of F-gas possible on split air-conditioners and heat pumps above 12kW.


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