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Joint industry statement on harmonisation of packaging labelling

Policy papers 13 Nov 2023
National packaging labelling requirements, such as those currently in place in France, Italy or Spain, jeopardise the European single market, causing unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, higher costs for consumers and additional waste.

The new draft packaging legislation allows Member States to introduce national labelling systems for extended producer responsibility schemes. This means each product has to be processed several times to match the applicable legislation at local level. 

Products are in fact produced to be distributed across the entire European market so at the time of production, it is impossible for manufacturers to predict which country they would ultimately end up in. This means that they often have to be re-labelled, shipped back to logistic centres and then shipped to their actual destination to comply with national labelling regulations. 

Essentially, the existence of different regulations transform a simple distribution process into a complex system of compliance and logistics, particularly challenging for smaller enterprises.

To solve this problem, we call on European legislators to further limit the ability of Member States to introduce national labels for extended producer responsibility schemes. 

All labelling should be able to be designed in one colour, as colour printing would have a significant negative impact on the recyclability of packaging and its environmental impact. 



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