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APPLiA feedback to the call for evidence on Microplastic Pollution

Policy papers 18 Jan 2022


This paper reflects the Home Appliance contribution to the Call for evidence for an impact assessment on the microplastics pollution initiative, launched by the European Commission on November 30th, 2021. In particular, APPLiA would like to raise a few important considerations on the proposal to introduce microplastics filters for washing machineswasher-dryers and tumble dryers.

The home appliance sector is fully committed to contributing to solving the issue of microplastics release into the environment. Nevertheless, we believe that the impact assessment shall evaluate important specifications to ensure that the objectives of the initiative are fulfilled. Furthermore, the impact assessment shall carry out an environmental evaluation outlining the balance between health risk, environmental hazard and climate impacts.

We have divided the paper into four sectionsPart I will provide a general overview of the issue; while Parts II and III will focus on product specific considerations; finally, Part IV will summarize our main conclusions and recommendations. The paper also contains an Annex which reports a qualitative analysis of the mass flow done by APPLiA.

Washer-dryers currently on the market work based on a technology that can be either the one used for the washing machines or for the tumble dryers.

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