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APPLiA feedback on the potential EU Digital Product Passport

Policy papers 09 Jun 2021

APPLiA would like to understand in detail how a Digital Product Passport (DPP) would provide an added value for the sustainability of home appliances for the various actors (consumers, recyclers, repair companies, etc) who would be using it. To help develop this tool in the most suitable way, we need to understand the intended benefit of a DPP for each actor and whether it should also include information about the life of an individual product after it has entered the market (e.g about the potential repair of each unit).

Applying digital solutions for product information, such as a DPP, could be useful if it is feasible, relevant, effective and if the DPP has been constructed to be useful for each specific actor and their needs. It is crucial to ensure that information collected will ultimately add value to actors in the supply chain and to consumers. This must be thoroughly assessed on a sector by sector, product by product level to ensure that the efforts and impacts of having a DPP positively contribute to a significant increase in the sustainability of products.

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