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Achieving wider efficiency access

Latest News 19 Feb 2021

APPLiA was invited to join the international conference organised by Adiconsum Nazionale, on the main results achieved in the framework of the Horizon 2020 STEP-IN project, on energy poverty.

Today, around 50 million households in the European Union experience energy poverty in the inadequate levels of essential energy services such as heating, cooling and lighting. Awareness is growing rapidly on this issue across Europe to develop tailored solutions reflecting needs and constraints presented by different geographical contexts.

APPLiA Europe, representing the home appliance industry, was invited to join the international conference organised by Adiconsum Nazionale, on the main results achieved in the framework of the Horizon 2020 STEP-IN project, on energy poverty. Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director General shared the experience of a sector that delivers energy efficiency on the ground and advocates for wider efficiency access.

“According to data, around 55% of households in Europe do not hold a dishwasher. And, most importantly, a significant gap exists in the penetration rate between countries across Europe,” kicked off Paolo Falcioni. To this extent, he continued, “tackling energy poverty requires the implementation of a solid policy framework and the introduction of new business models, such as the Papillon Project, to broaden energy access across Europe and not only.” Energy labelling and the new EU ecodesign legislation are also part of the solution, by ensuring that only energy efficient products are put on the market. “Broadening energy access will help reach higher energy goals and allow citizens to save money on their household energy bills,” said Mr Falcioni. 

Joint efforts at both the policymaking and societal level are needed to best address the issue. Indeed,  citizens are called to play a role in laying the foundations for a circular culture and, more broadly, support the transition towards a circular model benefiting the economy, environment and overall society. With the purpose of supporting this aim, APPLiA has developed a website providing some useful informative tools to the implementation of a better, and more circular lifestyle for all citizens. For more information, visit 

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