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Hungarian Presidency of the Council to “Make Europe Great Again”

Latest News 02 Jul 2024
Hungary took the reins of the Council of the European Union on July 1, 2024. They have recently issued the presidency’s priorities for the next 6 months. Here is an overview of the key areas affecting the home appliance sector:
Internal market and industry

One of the main issues the Hungarian presidency wants to tackle during its six-month term is increasing the competitiveness of European industry. A holistic approach will be employed, making competitiveness a common theme across different policy areas, from sustainability to technical harmonisation. The key priority for the presidency will be the definition and adoption of a New European Competitiveness Deal.

The presidency is also considering the implementation of the EU Standardisation Strategy as a crucial part of enhancing the competitiveness of the internal market and industry. Moreover, in its work programme, the Hungarian Presidency will put Cohesion policy high on the agenda. Closely related to competitiveness, the debates about the strategic approach to the future of cohesion policy will be initiated in the next half of the year.

What do we expect?

APPLiA welcomes the strategic and integrated approach to maintain and boost the competitiveness of the European industry. This includes strengthening value chain resilience, promoting technological transformation, and fostering economic growth. We support the development of a cohesive EU standardisation strategy, as harmonized standards across Member States are crucial for the seamless functioning of the Single Market. For Europe to reposition itself as a global leader, we need to drive a renewed industrial strategy that fosters innovation, nurtures talent and skills, and ensures the European market remains attractive to investments.


The Hungarian presidency will take over the work of the Belgian presidency on a number of files related to environmental protection and climate action. They will lead the negotiations with the Parliament on the Green Claims Directive, which should be finalised during their presidency. In the next 6 months, apart from ongoing legislative files, they will start the discussions on the upcoming climate and environmental legislation, most notably on the 2040 Climate Target.

What do we expect?

Ahead of the negotiations with the Parliament on the Green Claims Directive, we call for a balanced approach to consumer information requirements and further harmonisation to create a level playing field for businesses while not hindering product innovation. A well-designed framework will not only empower consumers to make sustainable choices but also promote sustainable innovation and practices throughout the industry.

Digital and Cyber Policy

Further increasing European competitiveness also means protecting European citizens from hybrid threats. The Hungarian Presidency will also focus on European cybersecurity. In light of the anticipated review of the Cyber Security Act, they intend to conduct a comprehensive debate to ensure coherence in the EU regulatory framework.

What do we expect?

APPLiA calls for legislators to strike a fair balance between safety and innovation, through European standards that reflect the actual level of cybersecurity risk posed by a product as a whole, taking into account the different levels of associated risks making a clear distinction between high and low-risk cybersecurity appliances.

During an exclusive interview with Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director General, Dr. Anikó Raisz, Secretary of State for Environment and Circular Economy at Hungary's Ministry of Energy, emphasized the significance of Hungary’s presidency of the Council.
It will represent both a challenging and unique opportunity, as it coincides with the initiation of a new constitutional cycle. APPLiA welcomes the focus on competitiveness, which extends beyond specific legislation to encompass discussions across all policy areas. With a balanced approach that does not forget environmental care, aiming to drive progress in sustainability and innovation.

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