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APPLiA's energy-saving #killURbill campaign at EUSEW 2023

Event reports 23 Jun 2023

When it comes to all matters related to energy, there is no better platform to discuss the future of Europe than the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). With this year's theme, "Accelerating the clean energy transition – towards lower bills and greater skills," APPLiA was selected to present our #killURbill campaign and its objectives.

The #killURbill campaign, which launched in October in the face of the energy crisis, aims to inspire consumers to make small yet effective changes in their approach to using home appliances. By gathering the collective intelligence of global leading home appliance manufacturers, we encourage consumers to adopt simple, efficient changes to their daily routine to reduce energy consumption, ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

The Energy Fair provided the perfect platform for APPLiA to showcase its initiatives and engage with stakeholders, policymakers, and the public. By collaborating with associations, EU institutions, and influential stakeholders, we strive to establish an affordable energy landscape within everyone's reach - paving the way towards a more sustainable Europe.

The highlight of the week included a visit to our stall by European Commissioner for Energy Ms. Kadri Simson. Welcomed by APPLiA General Director Mr.Paolo Falcioni, the two discussed the rollout of our #killURbill campaign with particular reference to the importance of empowering consumers to make environmentally conscious choices, leading to energy savings, lower bills, and a greener future.

The home appliance industry plays a crucial role in Europe's digital and green transition, acting as a catalyst for change in our daily lives. Through campaigns like #killURbill, APPLiA works each day to improve skills development while tackling key issues such as energy efficiency, affordability, and decarbonisation in Europe.

As the curtains close on EUSEW 2023, APPLiA Europe remains committed to driving sustainable energy practices and promoting efficient home appliance use across the continent.

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