#Score4Charity's teams competed for a good cause

The ORAMA Project, a Horizon 2020 initiative developed to optimise a European system containing information on raw materials, was born 2 years ago with the intention of identifying best practices in the EU.

The secret world behind the products we use could be complex, but one thing is clear, EU’s legislators and manufacturers have worked day and night to deliver energy efficient, repairable and connected products. 

On November 13th, MEP Maria Da Graça Carvalho hosted an event in the European Parliament to discuss opportunities for setting a balanced and effective product policy landscape. 

Imagine if the best students were not be able to pass to the next class despite their great marks only because the rules have changed. What would your child do if it knows that it could not have an “A”? It might become less motivated to study hard, and that would be a pity.

The short reportage follows the life of an appliance that has been left disappointed with the way some products are treated at their end of life. Launched on International E-Waste Day (14 October 2019), the video explains why achieving Circular Culture can be the right shift towards circularity and how European legislation can bring this model forward.

APPLiA is amongst the signatories of the Circular Plastics Alliance declaration that collects plastics value chain stakeholders' commitments towards recyclability.

An arena for the latest technological developments in consumer electronics and home appliances: IFA 2019.

 Fighting food waste and building a Circular Culture is a societal change that involves all of us in the shift towards a circular model. 1/3 of our food supply is wasted or lost, which is associated with economic, social and environmental costs.