On September 5th, APPLiA's Director General, Paolo Falcioni presented how innovative solutions coming from the home appliance sector could provide an answer in moving towards sustainable societies. 

Home appliance manufacturers in Europe, represented by APPLiA, have committed to further respond to recyclers’ needs by starting to distinctly mark certain large appliances containing F-Gases and Vacuum Insulation Panels.

While the EU Sustainable Energy Week has become a traditional opportunity for the association to have a say, its edition in 2018 has been the first for APPLiA.

Three industry associations, representing home appliances, detergents and the textile care sector, are determined to help consumers save water, reduce CO2 emissions and their monthly bills. #BeTheMaster 

A joint letter was sent to the European Commission from APPLiA and 5 other industry associations, with regards to the progress of the Ecodesign framework. 

After a full week of exploring ways in which the EU could help cities to become better places to live and work, the EU Green Week (21-25 May 2018) is now over.

The last generations in Europe had the fortune to live in a continent of peace and prosperity. Through the benefits that free trade and free establishment of natural persons provided, Europe’s growth has been escalating after the second half of the 20thcentury. Moreover, European citizens have been seeing the quality of their lives improving remarkably.

PRESS RELEASE | All commercial actors handling WEEE should report, in the same way producers do and treatment standards for WEEE should be mandatory for all parties.

New economy, new management models and business processes: how could they impact the economic and social development of the Northern Dimension area?