Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, with impacts global in scope and unprecedented in scale. Taking prompt and coordinated action at the international level is key to ensure this impending issue can be properly addressed.

Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director General, presented at the ‘Energy Talks’, as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2021 and shared the main ingredients to circular appliances towards a more sustainable economy in Europe and the wider world.

The eight episode and special edition of the APPLiA’s series of short digital interviews is now available. Mr Eric Dewaet, CEO of Recupel, illustrates the impacts of e-waste on the environment and the key role played by consumers with this regard.

To celebrate this year’s edition of International E-waste Day, an initiative by the WEEE Forum, APPLiA produced a 3-part short animated series to raise awareness about the rising e-waste concern and guide consumers towards correct e-waste disposal practices, for the environment and global society.

Reducing the overall burden of the energy transition and fighting against energy poverty are two core concepts at the heart of the EU’s ‘energy efficiency first’ principle, one of the pillars of the EU decarbonisation strategy. 

Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director General and Giulia Zilla, APPLiA Environment & Energy Policy Manager were invited to speak at the Energy Regulation Conference, hosted by AEB Russia and share the EU experience on the progress made with regards to the Energy Efficiency Regulation in Europe.

Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director General, was invited to speak at the third edition of the Home Appliance AGD Congress, to share the European perspective with regards to the achievements of the industry in fostering circularity.

Korrina Hegarty, APPLiA’s Environment Policy Director, met with the Norsirk Board to provide the home appliance industry’s perspective on the role of circular home appliances in the context of the upcoming EU Sustainable Product Initiative.

As an essential component for many sectors in our economy, the sustainability of batteries needs to be fostered at each stage of their lifecycle. This is only possible if joint action is undertaken at all levels to boost the circular economy of the battery value chains and ultimately favour a successful transition.