APPLiA on the EU Renovation Wave Strategy.

APPLiA at the 2020 Energy Efficiency Conference.

APPLiA signs the Paris Call that aim at making the internet, business and society at large a safer place to navigate. The Paris Call is a result of collaboration between states, industry and civil society organisations.

APPLiA has been selected as one of the members of the Stakeholder Cybersecurity Certification Group (SCCG) to advise and assist the Commission in its work to ensure the consistent implementation and application of the Cybersecurity Act.

APPLiA on the EU Commission's White Paper

The current ePrivacy proposal has generated great uncertainty across all of these industries, whose efforts to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) risk being jeopardised by an incoherent ePrivacy text.

Italians working on digital policies in Brussels rang the alarm that their home country is lagging behind on indicators, such as the level of regular internet users, digital skills and services. The latest statistics show that also another 14 EU states are below the EU average score of 52.5.

United by our mission to be the voice of the home appliance industry on different continents and the roundtable IRHMA, our 9 industry associations have committed to cooperating on harmonising rules and strengthening cybersecurity protections to the extent feasible given technological and political limitations.

The Smart Readiness Indicator is expected to put forward the benefits that smart technologies could bring to Europeans' lifestyles. The home appliance industry highlights one of the key factors for its implementation and that is interoperability, or the ability of products to 'speak the same language'.