Smart, Internet-enabled appliances are entering our homes, moving our lives towards ever-greater connectivity. But how can we ensure that this increased connectivity does not also increase the complexity of home appliances for users who seek simple solutions?

Sanne Goossens, APPLiA's Smart Living & Competitiveness Policy Manager explains the correlation between smart appliances and Circular Economy.

Smart appliances are on the rise, taking up an ever more prominent role in people’s lives. At the same time, the legislative environment for these types of products is developing – and changing – quickly.

Smart appliances that speak the same language, communicate effectively with energy managers, smart home systems and with each other within the home – in short, interoperability made simple for consumers.

Today is #WorldStandardsDay2017. The home appliance industry thrives in a market that is supported by the European standardisation process that brings many benefits to both industry and consumers alike.

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