Will Europeans achieve better lifestyles as quickly as people in other parts of the world?

In a fast-paced world where technology is developing with a speed light on different continents, global events seem to be the moment to doublecheck and compare where do we stand.

The opportunity for APPLiA this time was the 3rd Smart Home Asia Summit, held in Shanghai on 21-22 January 2019. More than 200 industry experts attended to share what is the latest smart home development status and what the most recent policy developments have been.

As the forecasts show that connected devices will be in nearly every home by 2020, reaching around 50 billion globally, data ownership and protection, as well as cybersecurity are a must-have for the European industry.

“The potential to reap all benefits could become real if European national governments support the development of responsive energy use and new time-varying electricity pricing models, such as offering considerably lower tariffs at low peak to the citizens who are prepared to use flexible smart appliances”, APPLiA’s Director General, Paolo Falcioni said.

Setting the political scene, APPLiA’s Director General could not leave behind the upcoming European elections in May 2019 and the fact that the new EU leadership will have the chance to revolutionise people’s daily lives. “Looking at Europe in a geopolitical manner, we see that other parts of the world, such as the United States, China and India are carefully analysing and drafting the future of their industry sectors, to ensure they become competitive globally”, he noted.

Paolo Falcioni concluded by saying that the European Union would need to do the same and that the Association’s upcoming Manifesto explains well how to improve Europeans’ lifestyles.