Education on recycling is progressively taking hold across Europe, creating an important link in the chain of green responsibility and sustainable community development. While there is still a long way to go, what exactly happens to our old electric toothbrush, razor or hand mixer after collection? What value do they generate?

How much do you know about your Home Appliances? Over the past two days, we have been putting the public’s home sustainability habits to the test through our interactive quiz. Our quiz aims to highlight how, if used efficiently, home appliances could save both energy and costs along the way. 

Only around 70 years ago, in different areas of the globe, women would walk down the river, early in the morning, to wash their clothes with the ashes of the fireplace from the night before. A practice that slowly began to fade away as new technologies came into our lives.

As part of APPLiA’s social impact day, members of the Secretariat volunteered to take part in a clean-up of river Train, tributary of the Dyle, which flows through the Belgian provinces of Walloon Brabant, Flemish Brabant and Antwerp. 

What steps is Europe taking to truly establish a Circular Economy? Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director-General discussed the make or break factors of the key European Commission policy files which can contribute to the establishment of a circular culture at the Lighting Europe webinar. 

What does it mean to Empower Consumers for the green transition? What are the make or break factors of the Proposal? Candice Richaud, APPLiA Senior Policy Manager, Corporate, covered this and much more in the sixteenth episode of APPLiA’s digital interviews.

How can Europe build on the successful experience of the current Ecodesign Directive? APPLiA Policy Director for Environment, Korrina Hegarty discussed how the EU’s proposed Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation can help establish sustainable products as the norm, at the European Forum for Manufacturing Event.

From 1-3 June, APPLiA both sponsored and participated at the 11th edition of the Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL) Conference in Toulouse, France.

Home appliance manufacturers in Europe have showcased how the industry can work hand-in-hand with EU policy objectives to establish a ‘win-win’ scenario for all actors through a longstanding commitment to developing and implementing Ecodesign and Energy Labelling legislation.