New test standard for fridges unveiled at CECED workshop

CECED’s latest testing methods workshop held at the IMQ laboratories, Milan, 31st March 2017.

CECED’s latest testing methods workshop held at the IMQ laboratories, Milan, 31st March 2017.

The presentation of a new, updated, test standard for fridges and freezers was the highlight of CECED’s latest testing methods workshop, held at the IMQ laboratories in Milan on 31st March 2017.

The new standard saves testing time and provides better repeatability and reproducibility of testing. In addition, the measurement of the compartment temperature of the freezer during the energy test will no longer require an artificial load used – as in the existing standard – and will be tested with drawers as delivered to the user. Furthermore, the test will be carried out at two different temperatures; therefore, optimizations at just one ambient temperature will no longer be possible.

The event was strongly attended by over seventy representatives following the EU product Regulations topic: policy makers, civil society representatives, standardisation experts and manufacturers.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • to strengthen information to stakeholders about the advantages of the new standard compared to the existing one;
  • to brainstorm on how to improve existing standards to better simulate real user behaviour;
  • to share the input of participating stakeholders with the Commission and CENELEC, in view of the revision of the Ecodesign and Energy Label regulations on freezers and refrigerators.

Said Matteo Rambaldi – CECED Energy Director: “the aim of this event – the fourth in CECED’s testing methods workshops series – is to share knowledge. Collecting input from consumer associations, NGOs and Market

Surveillance Authorities is a must to ensure that the standards used for product legislation are as close as possible to real consumer user behaviour of appliances”.

Participants witnessed the testing of freezers and refrigerators in IMQ's laboratories. They then discussed how to improve the existing testing method, discussing topics including door opening incidence, testing empty appliances, chilling compartments, usable volume inside an appliance, multidoor fridges, the future energy label, food preservation and defrosting.

Quotes from the speakers:

“Fridge performance depends on factors such as the environment where a fridge is installed, the settings made by the consumer (and) the number of people who use the fridge in question…” (Jochen Haerlen – CENELEC)

“Besides repeatability and reproducibility, cost and relevance are important considerations”. (Hans-Paul Siderius – Netherlands Enterprise Agency)

“Well designed refrigerators can contribute to reduce food waste”. (Rene Kemna – VHK)

CECED will publish a report on the Workshop’s proceedings in due course.

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