Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Europe’s Director General, was invited to share the experience of APPLiA at the Associations World Congress 2021, a global expo convened by the Association of Association Executives on Membership and Engagement stream.

How is the home appliance sector giving a substantial contribution to Europe's manufacturing and economic growth? Check out APPLiA's 2019-2020 Statistical Report.

Mr Peter Goetz, APPLiA's President, released an interview to POLITICO on the implications of national initiatives on the functioning of the EU Single Market. 

There is no European Union without the EU Single Market. It is of paramount importance for the EU, crucial to remaining a relevant actor in the global arena, to have a clear industrial plan outlined.

Here is the second episode of APPLiA’s series of short digital interviews. In this format, experts reply to questions and discuss the view of the home appliance sector on key topics for the EU. The idea is to feed the debate by reporting experiences from the sector. Let’s continue with CBAM.

APPLiA is happy to launch the first of a series of short digital interviews on some of the key topics for the home appliance industry and not only. This new format comes with the aim of feeding the debate by reporting experience from the sector. Let’s start with the EU Single Market.