When looking at a way to tackle non-compliant products on the market, the home appliance industry believes that market surveillance must be based on measurable, repeatable and affordable standards. Working together on improving standards EN 60335-2-9 and EN 60335-2-14 is crucial.

The co-signing associations represent manufacturers, software providers and sellers that are engaged in cross-border sales and committed to providing high-level quality of services and products to EU consumers.

A coalition of downstream steel users has called into question the rationale for the European Commission’s imposition of definitive steel safeguard measures.

“When we speak about standards, it is important to understand that we are all sitting at the same side of the table", this is how Paolo Falcioni, Director General of APPLiA, kicked off the discussion on why the participation of NGOs in the standardisation process matters. The event was organised on December 5th by the European Environmental Citizens’ Organisation for Standardisation (ECOS) in Brussels.

The European steel industry is a key business partner in all our sectors. It is vital for us that the steel industry does well to maintain stability in our supply chains.

28 business organisations, in a common statement, call for a swift ratification of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.