To see the bigger picture of how political realities impact households’ daily lives and keep track of the development of the home appliance industry, associations representing the sector from all over the globe came together for the 6th time. 

APPLiA has created a Code of Conduct that defines a common approach for assessing, declaring and communicating on steam rates. As from 1 July the comparison of steam ironing products and their steam rate will be much easier and more comprehensive.

While a few years back, the non-listing of standards was exceptional, such practices risk becoming the norm. Producers of home appliances like blenders, refrigerators, connected products and, what is most, medical devices today cannot fully refer to certain standards because as such they do not exist black on white. 

If only last May APPLiA Polska organised the first of its kind in Europe, Household Appliance Congress and announced the association’s rebranding from tip to toe, in 2019, the AGD Kongres has transformed into a forum looking straight toward the future of the industry. 

Better regulation, predictability, jobs and digitalisation. “Setting the scene for an industrial vision for 2030 and beyond” was the title of the event organised on 9th April by the coalition of 147 organisations dedicated to campaigning for an ambitious EU industrial strategy, Industry4Europe in which APPLiA takes part. 

With the trilogue negotiations on the omnibus starting this week, there is a great opportunity to update and create another set of legislation offering further protection to EU consumers. Read more what Paolo Falcioni said at the European Consumers Union’s event on strengthening the European Union for a more effective consumer protection.