How is the home appliance sector coping with the impending shortage of semiconductors supplies? What is key to a successful EU chips strategy? Alvaro Vilas, APPLiA’s Junior Digital and Competitiveness Policy Officer, discusses in the fourteenth episode of APPLiA’s digital interviews.

What are the main trends and challenges in the development of the WEEE market, towards driving a circular economy? Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director General, was invited to share the industry’s perspective on the role of WEEE in achieving a circular economy, on the occasion of the 16th edition of the WEEE Conference, hosted by our sister organisation APPLiA Poland.

In light of the recent publication of the European Commission’s Sustainable Products Initiative (SPI), APPLiA’s Director General, Paolo Falcioni, was invited to participate at the Politico Europe live event on what it means in practice to make sustainable products the norm in  Europe and its interplay with the role of the industry in advancing circular appliances.

Michał Zakrzewski, APPLiA Policy Director for Digital and Competitiveness, discussed the benefits of APPLiA’s long-standing cooperation with CEN and CENELEC, towards establishing a well-functioning, standardisation system for Europe, at a co-organised webinar “Together to make stronger standards for Europe: how can you cooperate with CEN and CENELEC?”. 

In the context of the series of short digital interviews launched by APPLiA, the twelfth episode features Mr Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director General, on why CBAM, in its current format, is detrimental to European competitiveness. All, in a new engaging format.

Pivotal to numerous geostrategic interests, semiconductors are at the heart of the global technological race, “one that Europe cannot miss,” commented Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA Director General.