COVID-19 affects our industry. Read here what we do about it.

The Internet and the rapid development of electronic communication are fundamentally changing how products and services are offered, bought and sold. It’s also the way in which information is transmitted that has changed, moving more and more to electronic formats.

APPLiA envisioned this change already 20 years ago, and launched the “PI-Certified” Product Information Standard initiative. The initiative stands for an harmonised standard for supplying trade partners with product information electronically, yet still recognizing the requirements for clear marketing differentiation. The platform has been helping manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to take full advantage of modern developments in electronic communication and data processing. 

Today, the release of the PI 17.0:

  • More open and forward looking
  • A unique scheme 
  • Better aligned with international standards

And a whole new website, easier to navigate. In 14 languages.

“There are no such EU-wide product standards examples around. Home appliance manufacturers could agree on a common language to use for 118 product groups, and this makes this initiative one of a kind.” commented Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director General. As a result, home appliances manufacturers provide information to retailers in one standardised format, electronically only. The data range from technical information, to features, marketing information and the newly introduced information on the Energy Label.

The output is a reliable structure that brings together information on home appliances coming from a wide range of EU manufacturers. In an harmonised, unique way.

2020 10 23 PI ig final