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The Russian Federation sits around the table of the global home appliance industry forum, IRHMA

The collaboration between home appliance manufacturers from across the globe is further reinforcing with the Association of European Businesses (AEB) in Russia joining the well-established forum for producer associations, IRHMA.

The International Roundtable for Household Appliance Manufacturer Associations brings together organisations representing the sector from Europe, the United States and Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, China, Japan, Korea and as from today, Russia, all aiming at bringing sustainable technology solutions for global challenges.

The roundtable was established back in 2014 and has given the opportunity to key players in the sector to share knowledge and be up to date with the legislative developments in the different continents, as well as to share good practices.

“We are extremely glad that as of today, we will be sitting around the same table with colleagues from all over the world and be able to add the challenges here, in the Russian Federation to the picture. In a connected and globalised world, AEB sees such forums as the only way forward”, said AEB’s CEO, Frank Schauff.

"Welcome on board”, the President of the Chinese Household Electrical Appliances (CHEAA), Jiang Feng said. She further added: “I believe AEB, together with the rest of IRHMA members, would play a positive role in advancing the healthy development of global home appliance industry."

APPLiA, the association representing the industry in Europe, which hosted the IRHMA 2018 meeting, is also assured that the enlargement of the participants will add a great value to the discussion.

“For our members, the Russian Federation is the top export destination for large home appliances in 2016 from outside Europe. Opening the door of IRHMA for other associations only shows on how transparent and I have to say very fruitful our joint debates about energy efficiency, sustainability and innovation are. We have a common goal – to achieve better lifestyles for the society - no matter on which territory and market the manufacturers are active”, noted APPLiA’s Director-General, Paolo Falcioni.

The next IRHMA meeting will take place on 5thSeptember 2019 in Korea.

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