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European Energy Efficiency Industries call on Energy Council to equip the energy efficiency market with ambitious enabling framework

A joint letter was sent from the members of the Energy Efficiency Industrial Forum (EEIF) to the Members of the Energy Council, regarding the Council's negotiations on Energy Efficiency targets.

Dear Minister,

You are facing a once-in-a decade opportunity to truly boost the energy efficiency market in Europe. Doing so will bring multiple benefits for European industry, European citizens and European competitiveness, while helping the EU meet its obligations under the Paris Agreement. At your meeting on the 11th June, you will set the mandate for negotiations on the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and your decision will set the boundary conditions for those negotiations.

Corroborated evidence shows that the cost-effective level of the target for 2030 is a binding 40%, although political realities do not permit this level to be achieved. We, as a group whose constituents provide a wide range of energy efficient products and services, call on you to ensure that the final target for 2030 in the EED is as close as possible to the position of the European Parliament – a binding 35% target. We also call on you to design efficient energy savings mechanisms in Article 7 of the EED.

The industries and services we represent are key market actors, whose activity levels and contributions to growth and jobs in the EU are heavily influenced by EU policy and the regulatory environment. We fear that a weak target, i.e. a target closer to 30% than to 35%, will only represent a business as usual scenario, with countless missed opportunities for economic growth, energy savings and decarbonisation in the EU.

We remain at your disposal to provide further information, if required,

To download to letter, click here.