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#StandarDays - 365 days per year

As a tradition, the European Standardisation Committees, CEN and CENELEC have gathered a fine mix of experts to explain the role and advantages of European standards and how businesses can benefit from using them. In a two-day session, participants were able to discover how standardisation can remove trade barriers and foster technical alignment with foreign countries.

For APPLiA, representing the home appliance sector in Europe, there has never been any doubt. Standardisation is a clear pre-requisite and the association has continuously been emphasising the importance of the tool.

Standards must be built on a solid foundation to ensure they reflect the technical reality. Solid evidence for feasibility, proper measurability and repeatability should be taken into account before developing standards. What is more, looking at how globalised the world has become, experts would need to think more and more in a wider perspective.

During its rebranding on March 7th, APPLiA received a clear recognition from CEN and CENELEC for its contribution throughout the years. Home appliance manufacturers are certainly dedicated to contribute to the creation of standards, together with all relevant stakeholders around the table.

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