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Will the new EU budget accelerate Europe’s growth?

Following the harsh test of the past years, the EU should certainly focus its attention more on Research and Development if it wants to be an innovation leader at a global level in the next decades.

For the home appliance industry, innovation is the cornerstone of EU’s growth and APPLiA supports every step towards this direction.

The current economic data shows that the negative situation in Europe has been reversed. For this reason, it is extremely important that the budget is spent properly, adding a real value to European citizens and economies. The President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker said: “The economic wind in our sails gives us some breathing space but does not shelter us from having to make savings in some areas.”  

To maintain the current positive climate, APPLiA believes that the Multi Annual Financing Framework (MFF) 2021-2027 should focus on several key priorities. R&D funds must account for an important part of the EU budget. In this regard, it is a positive step that the Horizon funds are going to increase from EUR 77bn to EUR 100bn. Given that the MFF budget 2021-2027 is going to be the first approved after the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, it should emphasise further on energy efficiency. In this context, more financial incentives should be given for the renovation of buildings and the replacement of old infrastructures with a new, more energy efficient equipments. Such transformation will allow smart appliances to play a key role and be really able to advance Europeans’ sustainable lives.

Digitalisation should be a key priority area for the next EU budget. The empowerment of the ICT sector will affect diverse industries, among them the home appliance sector. For this reason, we highlight the importance of cybersecurity, interoperability and promotion of digital skills through the new Digital Europe programme and Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).

APPLiA's Director General, Paolo Falcioni underlined the importance of accelerating Europe's growth by saying: "€1.279T is a significantly big amount and if the current funding instruments (CEF, Horizon, European Structural & Investment Fund) are invested in the right way, they will have a real impact on the European growth and the lives of the European citizens."