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APPLiA's Michał Zakrzewski speaking about the long-term EU industrial strategy at the EESC

Debate on EU industrial policy strategy for competitiveness, growth and innovation

"An ambitious and comprehensive internal market strategy needs: long term predictability for business certainty, effective implementation of EU law, stronger market surveillance, harmonised standards & completed Single Market", said APPLiA's Smart Living & Competitiveness Policy Director, Michał Zakrzewski. At an event of the Consultative Commission for Industrial Change (CCMI), European Economic & Social Committee (EESC), where he was representing not only the home appliance manufacturers, but also Industry4Europe's Internal Market Working Group, Zakrzewski called upon the European institutions to set a long-term vision of the European Single Market for the next 25 years.

APPLiA's policy expert also did not miss to mention the Goods Package proposal, where some improvements, such as proportionality of market surveillance powers and the interplay between the proposal and the existing legislation, are still needed.