The EP takes into account the importance of affordability and timing in its opinion on the Ecodesign Directive

MEP Michéle Rivasi (the Greens) & her opinion on the implementation of the Ecodesign Directive

While many aspects still need to be clarified, our association strongly supports the reference to low-income households. Requirements that leave on the market only products in the top range, risk to create an unfair and uneven situation among EU households.

Phasing out the most affordable products, diminishes the opportunity for some consumers to buy an appliance or replace an old product with a more efficient one. Considering that using a dishwasher is much more energy (and water) efficient than handwashing, limiting the access to automatic dishwashing could cause an adverse effect on fighting climate change. 

Legal certainty is crucial and clearly communicated deadlines are indeed essential for the manufacturers to plan and prepare for the transition. It is a must give manufacturers sufficient time to implement the legal obligation that often require a complete redesign of the products.