Circular culture by home appliances

Paolo Falcioni on what circular culture means for the home appliance sector.

“Circular economy is a must” kicks off Paolo Falcioni, APPLiA’s Director General “and we are doing all that we can to make it real.” Circularity involves production, consumer lifestyles and continues down to collecting, dismantling and recycling of products and that is why the home appliance sector supports initiatives that bring all societal stakeholders to act together for a circular economy.

In the interview, BSEF - the International Bromine Association - asks Paolo Falcioni about the role of brominated flame retardants in home appliances. “What APPLiA’s manufacturers take care of most is the safety of consumers. There is no compromise possible on that.” he comments on flame retardants’ function of preventing fires. The hazardousness of a product should be considered within the full risk assessment of a device, which comprises both the level of hazardous materials and the level of exposure of that element. When considering the circularity achieved by recycling products, results are to be accomplished through the involvement of all actors in the value chain. That is what will ensure a higher degree of circularity.

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