Set life in motion after the lockdown

APPLiA depicts the "defrosting" after the lockdown.

While countries in the EU are implementing the first relaxing measures after the lockdown, we look back at when all this started. We count the days that separate us not only from the beginning, now, but especially from its end. The window at which we have been staring while imagining how reality after the lockdown would look like and the entrance door we have hoped to be opening more often, will soon go back to serve their primary functions. At that moment, normality, as we have always meant it, might feel strange.

We have written about our homes being our safe place during this period and how this quarantine has triggered our motivation to revitalise some corners and revamp others. This time has certainly changed our routines and has given us a new perspective to look at things. We have also seen with our own eyes how many activities we can do by simply staying at home and how, with a touch of imagination, we can give new life to almost everything it’s in there.

We have had not only a demo, but a full picture of how our lives can be very different from how they used to be. Nonetheless, realising how much our homes are equipped to go through such an extraordinary moment, gave us some relief. While working, our washing machine was cleaning our bed sheets; while watching a film, the dishwasher was washing plates for the day after; while getting children ready for distance-learning school, the kettle was boiling water; while vacuuming the floor, the vacuum cleaner was helping us doing that impeccably.

And when we have been feeling a bit discouraged, our children have built a fortress with the sofa’s pillows, the neighbour has started using the BBQ in the garden and our parents have video called us to virtually share the cake they just baked. All of a sudden, our smiles were back. We recalled that we are in this together and that makes the burden a bit less heavy to carry.

During these days, many of us are still at home awaiting to see the first results of the “defrosting”, while others are one step farther and are already experiencing the new normality. We have indeed felt like the one we were used to, was on pause, but now European industry is set in motion and so are citizens. Significant are the signs this period will leave, but bigger is the need we feel to defrost.

And as these crucial days are passing, we are already thinking about how to make the new start the most fresh one...