Views on a pandemic from inside our home

APPLiA portrays the view on the current pandemic from inside our home.

There is no safer place than our home.

The first thing we think about when we feel the need to escape our daily life is to simply relax in our house, our realm. There is no such place as our own, the one we have first imagined, then set up, refined and lived in. Since we were very young, our home was represented by two vertical walls and a roof, a number of windows – usually two – and a front door. But what about the inside? That space, the least drawn one, was in fact the most intimate, not only the one we share with the people we love, but also the one in which we fully express ourselves.

Our life at home.

In ordinary times, our routines happen in different places: the office, public transport, the gym, the supermarket, the park. What if this multidimensional aspect of our lives was brought to an unidimensional one? How would that change our habits? In current times, home has become our central focus – our office, our gym, our park. We have all been encouraged to reimagine the space in which we live so that it can fit our needs, also those we usually pursue outside of its walls. This new dimension brings fresh considerations on the space we live in, the way we use it, how we enjoy it. We have started assigning labels to each room, discovering every corner of our home, making full use of each appliance we own, appreciating hidden glimpses of sunlight. We have put our hands in the dough to make bread, brewed coffee and enjoyed its lingering aroma, prepared our children a smoothie, enjoyed the warm temperature of our new office, the kitchen table, baked a cake and washed our curtains for spring cleaning. In these unusual times, ordinarity is being guaranteed in our homes, also by our appliances. Home appliances, loyal allies of our lives at home, are on our side throughout the day by making our everyday steps easier and more joyful. In these new dynamics, we all have identified our favourite corner at home, the one for ourselves only. It can indeed be hard to find a balance in the finite space we can benefit from. This is exactly when we start giving new life to spots we thought we knew perfectly. They soon become the perfect place to make video calls with friends, to prepare the ingredients for a new recipe, to flip through an old photo album or to follow that online course. We are spending more time online and counting on our electronics to keep us as up-to-date as possible. This period at home makes us look at the objects and rooms we know, through different eyes.

A shared realm.

Home is a common space, most of the time. It is a sum of multiple “my-spot-at-home” and it is also now the central focus for more individuals. In this period, we all are revitalising some areas of our homes, adjusting others to make them cosier and comfier to be shared with our families and, after dinner, on the couch, we are speaking about the next corner we can revamp. We simply want our homes to be even more welcoming than in ordinary times. And it is exactly by doing this, that we realise how much we already have to serve our needs: in other words, how “Better Lifestyles” at home are a reality for Europeans. Home appliances, if you think about it, are on the side of citizens, making our homes always ready, also in an extraordinary time, like the one we are living in.

For better lifestyles.

We must be aware that everything that makes our homes so comfortable is made possible by this vibrant industry we count on. It is in fact through manufacturing, supply, after sales services, logistics, laboratories and research in innovation, that our everyday activities at home, even in these extraordinary days, can go on. The home appliance sector takes pride in sustaining such a dynamic industry in Europe, without which nothing would be the same for us. In the current situation, however, the sector is facing an unprecedented challenge, that prevents its engines from working. The preservation of the home appliance industry’s continuation and future shall be ensured by the European Commission, to which APPLiA Members addressed a call to action.

It is during and because of the time we are experiencing that “normality” has become one of our dearest words. We are all confident that, at one point, normality will emerge, but it will have a different flavour. At that moment, we will not be able to continue as if nothing had happened and we will need to build our future on different premises.