Energy Efficiency Package for a better and greener Europe

APPLiA, together with a delegation of the coalition for Energy Savings, presented the Energy Efficiency Package the EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson and her Cabinet.

There is little doubt that ecodesign and energy labelling are EU’s most successful policies for energy efficiency. Namely, half of the EU energy savings target set for 2020 could be achieved thanks to their contribution.

On January 30th, APPLiA, together with a delegation of the Coalition for Energy Savings, presented to the EU Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson and her cabinet members its proposals for an Energy Efficiency Package to help deliver the European Green Deal. The Paper gives continuation to industry commitment towards energy efficiency goals, adding another piece to the journey to a better and greener Europe.

The home appliance industry, long-standing and convinced supporter of the two EU energy efficiency flagship policies, will continue to put consumers at the centre, by providing them with the products designed to make their daily life simpler and more comfortable. With the multi-faceted forces of the Coalition for Energy Savings, and driven by the existing untapped potential for additional energy savings in the EU, the sector encourages bigger ambition in rolling out the many energy efficient and available solutions to the benefit of all. APPLiA, with its #Dishwasher4All campaign, imagines a better, energy and water efficient Europe and where citizens can enjoy more free time.

At the same time, the enforcement of legislation enhanced by market surveillance activities cannot be bypassed and must be prioritised, if we want that consumers benefit from compliant products and manufacturers can act in a level-playing field.

The Coalition for Energy Savings calls on the Commission to support full implementation and enforcement of existing legislation, starting with the Energy Efficiency Directive and, in parallel, make the Energy Efficiency First principle actionable. For a better, greener Europe.

Read the full Energy Efficiency Package, here: