Scoring for a good cause

#Score4Charity's teams competed for a good cause

The warming up, the quarter-final, the semifinal, the last match... APPLiA’s #Score4Charity tournament is over and we have a winner: le Clos, a day-care centre that offers food and hospitality to homeless in Brussels.

APPLiA’s Score for charity event awarded the best players in the game with an energy-efficient dishwasher that was meant to be donated to a local charity to serve the organisation in its daily activities. The dishwasher, one of our most sustainable friends in the kitchen, should in fact be the hero of more kitchens in Europe. Today, one out of two families owns one, meaning that the penetration rate of this appliance is already solid but, at the same time, that there is still room to aim at serving all households with one. In terms of potential benefits, using a dishwasher can use one-tenth of the water and one-third of the energy compared to washing-up dishes by hand. A number that speaks for itself if multiplied for all European households.

On the day where the European Green Deal has been laid out, we are all ears to know more about the sustainable route the EU is going to pursue. Within the framework of the European Green Deal and the overarching Sustainable Development Goals, a set of transformative policies have the potential to give a boost to the EU’s commitment in shaping its green footprint and providing citizens with more sustainable solutions to their needs. Ensuring that circularity is pursued throughout the whole lifecycle of an appliance is what turns the latter into a sustainable product and it is also what the circular economy action plan announced in the European Green Deal will very much focus upon. Measures should encourage new business models and take people on board, while making steps forward to achieve a culture of circularity and advance better lifestyles.

The very next step for APPLiA is the delivery of an energy-efficient dishwasher to Le Clos, to make their everyday work easier, more sustainable and to add a new contribution to circularity.