Boosting circular culture

APPLiA is amongst the signatories of the Circular Plastics Alliance declaration that collects plastics value chain stakeholders' commitments towards recyclability.

The commitment has been put black on white today. APPLiA, together with more than other 100 signatories from companies, associations, national authorities and NGOs along the plastics value chain, has signed the Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration to reduce plastic waste and promote recycling plastics. “We have the opportunity to make EU industry a world leader in recycled plastics, improving the environment and helping EU to compete globally. I strongly believe that the 10 million tons target for recycled plastics is within reach” said Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Commissioner for Single Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, commenting on the goal to be reached by 2025.

The potential of the Alliance lies indeed in the involvement of all key industry stakeholders in the value chain, leveraging on circular economy as the model to follow to achieve substantial results. The need for increased recycling and reuse of plastics in Europe is not something that can be tackled on a singular basis, but it demands instead the mobilisation of stakeholders at all levels and sectors. By signing this declaration, APPLiA, representing the home appliances manufacturers in Europe, pledges to support an inclusive EU Plastics Strategy involving all players in the plastic value chain. The destination is “Circular Culture” and we are in.

Read more about the high-level meeting in the European Commission's press release, here.