A dive in a futuristic present

An arena for the latest technological developments in consumer electronics and home appliances: IFA 2019.

A dishwasher as loud as a whisper…

A fridge that mimics the phases of sunlight...

A cooking robot...

A vacuum cleaner to vacuum and wipe in one go...

IFA 2019, held from 6 to 11 September in Berlin, has been stage for almost two thousand exhibitors disclosing their most developed technologies and smart products. The trade show, become one of the most awaited events for consumer electronics and home appliances in Europe, has also developed its outside-of-EU presence in China and North America, turned to be an acknowledged tech arena for innovation worldwide. AI, 5G and voice control have been the undiscussed protagonists of the Berlin days, marking an overall well-established trend in favour of smart and connected devices and the Internet of Things. The home appliance industry, on its side, has confirmed a strong and capillary presence at the event, with the unveiling of a whole series of new products that will be rolled out to the market in the coming months. Connected appliances, newcomers in an increasing number of households, are the face of a consumer’s desire for more comfort at home, simplified use, time and resources savings. As showed from the forecasts indeed, connected devices will be in nearly every home by 2020, reaching around 50 billion globally. 

Let’s now have a look at the highlights from the home appliances world!

Bosch has introduced a line of silent appliances, with a dishwasher’s decibel performance reaching 38 dB, as loud as a whisper. The company’s focus is undoubtedly the shift from consumers to prosumers, prioritising solutions to make their lives the simplest, healthiest and smartest possible.

Siemens’ metropolitan style focuses on the combination of a simplified user experience based on intelligent technology and evolved features, where voice control in a connected home plays a central role. The brand’s stand was designed accordingly to the expressed will by 47% of people to have more technological services at home and 66% that is enthusiastic about design, on the basis of market surveys presented by the company.

Miele’s set of new products, focused on granting a flexible and environmentally-friendly experience to consumers, comprises the Triflex 3-in-1 vacuum, a cleaner rechargeable handstick allowing versatile and flexible vacuuming and the Generation 7000 series of hobs and ovens with FoodView technology for a new intuitive cooking.

The HarvestFresh fridge that mimics the phases of sunlight, an Arcelik group’s launch, enables to keep vegetables and fruits’ vitamins intact, drawing the attention towards a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle for customers. On the same line, the Better living program from Electrolux, points to a plan to enable better and more sustainable living for consumers around the world towards 2030, brought into play through better eating, better garment care and better home environment.


For a perfect break, De’Longhi presented the new Perfecta Evo coffee machine, completely automatic, with added features and a patented foam program. While Smeg added a touch of vividness and style presenting some of its unique fridges splashed with buckets of colours together with an exclusive set of small appliances. Liebherr exposed its variety of exclusive fridges and freezers in an open-countryside-like stand that perfectly conveyed the company’s slogan “Your Food. Our Passion”, giving an optimal freshness experience to the visitor.


The visitors could then dip in Candy’s ecosystem to experience technological home appliances through interactive games, making guests literally jump into a connected kitchen, in the inside of an oven and fridge to see their potential from very close. The message was clear: on top of the comfort and time economy it gives to the user, a smart home allows savings also for the environment and the electricity system, making consumers’ everyday life a technologic and environmental-savvy one. Also LG has invented its line to satisfy consumer’s daily life needs, showcasing the ThinQ-powered smart home, designed to be the best manager of your family habits, allowing remote activation of the washing machine, the ‘tap twice’ function to see the inside of your fridge without opening the door and the voice command technology to check your dishwasher cycle, among the others. When it comes to AI, Samsung has played a driver role with a notable performance in the middle of its so-called city where the Chef Bot cooking robot, able to cook by itself, brought artificial intelligence into action right in front of visitors.



It’s now the turn of the most immersive experiences of IFA 2019. Starting with the day lived in the Philips home, from the shaver with adjustable settings through an app, to the 8000 SpeedPro to vacuum and wipe in one go, to the intelligent steam iron. All of them with the same goal: to taste, clean, feel, smile, look, care, sleep, breathe and eat better. Gorenje proposed an on-stand adventure, with actors presenting the AdaptTech fridge that learns consumer’s habits and adapts energy and food conservation accordingly, the smart mirror that tells about your skin hydration and a whole set of home appliances with customisable features to offer the best possible experience to the user.



What better slogan than “the future is now” would you use?