APPLiA at the very first Circular Plastic Alliance, hosted by Commissioner Katainen

Material sourcing and selection is one of the most important business decisions and only collaboration between all actors will make the  and Circular Culture a reality.

Reducing the quantity of material used in the creation of home appliances, increasing the efficiency of products, using more sustainable materials, designing for durability and repair as well as for recycling are only some of the ways in which home appliance manufacturers engage in advancing circularity.

This is how the President of APPLiA, Peter Goetz explained the constant drive of the industry to improve resource efficiency during the first meeting of the Circular Plastics Alliance. The platform was kicked-off on February 5th by the Commissioner for jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness, Jyrki Katainen during EU Industry Day, the biggest annual event in Europe devoted to manufacturers.

Five breakout groups with experts from the plastics value chain debated on how efforts to reduce plastic waste could be more successful: collection and sorting of plastic waste, product design for recycling, recycled content in products, monitoring system and R&D investments.

Speaking about research and development including chemical recycling, Dr Goetz, the chemical industry and beverages producers came up to the conclusion that the Commission, NGOs, academics, start-ups, standardisation and authorities must make part of the process.

Being part of the group discussing recycled content in products, Philip’s Senior Director Sustainability, Eelco Smit highlighted that chemical and waste legislation must be aligned, as well as the fact that more innovation and mechanical recycling are still necessary. Today, the home appliance sector further plans to emphasise the need to make the secondary raw materials market and chemicals legislation work well together in its upcoming industry Manifesto.

For APPLiA, the need to design a successful EU Plastics Strategy by requiring action from all players in the plastic value chain, from plastic producers and designers, through brands and retailers will bring the society closer to the Circular Culture Europe aims at.

The Circular Plastic Alliance is meeting in a month, on March 5th during the Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference.