Romania aims at replacing around 60 000 appliances with new highly efficient ones

The Romanian government is planning to boost its citizens’ energy and water use at home by replacing around 60 000 washing machines, air conditioners, fridges and freezers with appliances scoring very high on the energy label.

The so-called Environmental Fund (Administrația Fondului pentru Mediu), the main institution in the country providing financial support for the implementation of environmental projects, is opening the registration from 10th to 14th December, making it possible for retailers to register in the programme.

 “Programmes as this one have a bigger impact than we could imagine. Particularly in Romania, the initiative will not only save resources with the use of highly efficient appliances, but would also help for the adequate handling of e-waste”, said Paolo Falcioni, Director General of APPLiA.

Once validated, the traders will be offering vouchers to the customers who want to buy a new appliance in return for their old appliance. Romanians could expect around EUR86 (400 lei) for A+++ refrigerators and freezers, around EUR65 (300 lei) for new A++ refrigerators, A++/A+++ air conditioners, as well as for A+++ washing machines. Almost EUR43 (200 lei) will be given to people who would like to replace their old washing machine with one in class A++. 

All relevant information will be published on the website of the Environmental Fund Administration -