Would Europeans’ living standards have been possible without home appliances?

The last generations in Europe had the fortune to live in a continent of peace and prosperity. Through the benefits that free trade and free establishment of natural persons provided, Europe’s growth has been escalating after the second half of the 20thcentury. Moreover, European citizens have been seeing the quality of their lives improving remarkably.

Undoubtedly, the technological evolution brought a series of positive changes in many sectors of Europeans’ daily lives. Prosperity and well-being are some of the advantages of living in Europe, which are results of open borders, cooperation between Member States and high-level R&I projects.

Home appliances brought miraculous change in our lives

What does improvement of living standards mean? Comfort, material goods, affordability and safety are some key factors that affect them. Would the increased living standards have been possible without the comfort that an average European enjoys at home?

Since the introduction of home appliances in their lives, our parents and grandparents have met a new, undiscovered way of life (until then). Housework used to be much more time-consuming, exhausting and it used to take away qualitative time from family. When home appliances appeared, they made lives just easier. Considering this, who could disagree with the Korean economist Ha-Joon Changthat a washing machine and other household goods completely revolutionised the structure of society?

Democratising technological developments

Home appliances are results of scientific research, experimentation, accuracy and intelligence. Making them publicly accessible was a democratisation process, through which an average household could enjoy the significant value of home appliances. By improving the way of life in households, social disparities reduced.

A promising future

Home appliances have not reached their limits and have much more to offer. Innovations will bring even more, unimagined changes in Europeans’ lifestyles. Connectivity and automation have started playing an increasingly important role in the European households, making appliances smarter and even more efficient. Users will obtain more control of their home appliances, while the housework will be less and less time-consuming.