As an essential component for many sectors in our economy, the sustainability of batteries needs to be fostered at each stage of their lifecycle. This is only possible if joint action is undertaken at all levels to boost the circular economy of the battery value chains and ultimately favour a successful transition.

The fourth episode of the APPLiA’s series of short digital interviews is now available. This is the time for Circular Appliances. All you need to know on the main achievements and contributions of the industry to deliver on circularity.

Takeaways from APPLiA's virtual roundtable "Sustainable Products Initiative: The future of sustainable circular home appliances" on 16 June 2021.

How did the home appliance sector continue promoting sustainable lifestyles? Check out APPLiA's 2019-2020 Statistical Report.

APPLiA was invited to share the views and experience of the home appliance sector at the online conference organised by Lighting Europe, on sustainable products and the future of Ecodesign. 

APPLiA is happy to launch its website Circular Appliances, a digital platform running through each phase of the home appliances’ lifecycle, from design to end-of-use, aimed at displaying the achievements of the sector and fostering a more sustainable culture among European citizens.

On the shop floor, some appliances display the new label - the one with the QR code on it - others the old one. Why is it so?

Starting from this 1st of March, dishwashers, washing machines, washer-dryers, refrigerators and freezers have a new energy label design, visible in shops and online.

Takeaways from "At the crossroads between chemical, product and waste policies - The new EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability" webinar on 4 March 2021.