The Home Appliance Industry in Europe,

APPLia Statistical Report

The Home Appliance Industry in Europe, in 2016

APPLiA percent
52.999 m

Direct & indirect value added to GDP

APPLiA percent
47.640 m

Turnover in the EU

APPLiA percent

Number of enterprises in the EU

APPLiA Pillar 1
APPLiA percent

Number of direct employees
* figure doesn’t include Turkey

APPLiA percent

Number of direct & indirect employees

APPLiA percent

Wages & salaries
* 2015 data, per employee

Pillar 1

Advancing Sustainable Lifestyles

For a long time, APPLiA’s members have dedicated significant resources to ensuring the home appliance sector in Europe is first-in-class in delivering energy efficiency improvements, contributing by almost one half to achieving the EU’s 20% energy efficiency target for 2020. In light of the EU’s 2030 energy and climate policies, APPLiA has re-confirmed its support to the EU’s objectives.

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Pillar 2

Living the
Connected Home

Manufacturers of home appliances are producing innovative, connected and smart products that give time and value back to their users.

What is more, these products provide substantial benefits to society as a whole: they help consumers to actively conserve energy, to integrate the use of renewable energy sources, to pave the way for faster and more accurate appliance repairs, and to reduce waste and unnecessary replacements of appliances – contributing to a new, circular society.

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Pillar 3

Accelerating Europe’s

A strong home appliance industry in Europe is crucial for a healthy European market, sustainable economic growth, global competitiveness and a firm positioning in the digital age.

Our industry thrives in a system based on free and fair trade, both among the EU’s Member States and with third countries.

APPLiA Pillar 3

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