1. Initiatives

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Purpose of the templates

The Energy Label Framework Regulation (EU) 2017/1369 stipulates that suppliers have to register products that bear an EU Energy Label in an EU Product Registry (for further details see that Regulation or the EU webspace [LINK] .

The EC services have named this product registry database "EPREL" (EU Product Registry for Energy Labelling).

Whereas the content details of the public part of EPREL are clearly defined in the so-called EPREL exchange model, the technical documentation(for the confidential part) is only generically described in Regulation 2017/1369. Yet, it is evident that the details of the technical documentation depend very much on the product group, and thus need the consideration of the product specific acts.

However, since the delegated acts, developed under the predecessor framework directive EU/2010/30 framework, do not have any reference to ERPEL it is unclear what data exactly would be sufficient for a specific product group to meet the legal requirements of the framework regulation 2017/1369, specifically its Article 12.5.

The above mentioned EPREL exchange model currently only accepts PDF-files that have to cover Article 12.5 (a)-(f) but does not make any statement on the content of these files.

APPLiA Home Appliance Europe has therefore decided to analyse the specific delegated acts for Energy Labelling created under Directive EU/2010/30 and to support APPLiA’s direct members as well as its national associations and their direct members by proposing templates that meet in the eyes of the respective working groups the legal requirements for technical documentation according to Art 12.5 of Regulation 2017/1369 and that can be used for uploading the compliance data into EPREL.

On this page you find APPLiA’s respective proposals for the upload of technical documentation into EPREL for the following product groups: