The European Commission unveiled its proposal for a new F-gas Regulation, with an eye at further reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as part of the set 2030 and 2050 EU’s climate ambitions.

The European Commission published today the long awaited Sustainable Products Initiative, ultimately aimed at making all products on the EU market more durable, reusable, repairable, recyclable and energy efficient.

APPLiA, on behalf of the home appliance industry in Europe, met with European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Mr Thierry Breton, to address main pitfalls to the future of Europe. 

Ecodesign and energy labelling policies are vital to the fulfilment of the EU’s climate and energy targets in the context of the EU Green Deal.

The Consortium brings together knowledgeable experts in the field to jointly develop a feasibility study aimed at laying the foundations of a standardised testing methodology that is reliable, repeatable, and reproducible to ultimately assess the release of microplastics ​​during a household washing cycle. 

Building on several years of history and innovation, Asociación Nacional Fabricantes e Importadores Electrodomésticos - ANFEL and Asociación Española Fabricantes Pequeños Electrodomésticos - FAPE joined forces to establish the newborn APPLiA España.

APPLiA is happy to welcome its new and 22nd direct member, iRobot Corporation.

APPLiA has decided to withdraw its legal challenge filed before the EU General Court in March 2020 after the European Commission has made significant amendments to the Energy Labelling Regulations published on December 5, 2019.