As it stands, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) will fall short of its objective, and drive production and investment outside of Europe. Our Q&A takes you through all the ramifications of CBAM as currently proposed on EU industrial competitiveness.

Almost everything we consume today is packaged. Preserving the integrity of the Single Market is key to ensuring that packaging materials and packaged goods can move freely around the EU. 

The undersigned associations welcome the recent EU-US announcement of a new Trans- Atlantic Data Privacy Framework to strengthen data protection, support responsible data transfers, and enable continued transatlantic commerce.

Standards are at the core of the EU Single Market and the New Legislative Framework for products, and key to the EU ́s economic integration that is imperative in today’s geopolitical context more than ever. Here, are 7 recommendations to a successful implementation of the EU Standardisation Strategy. 

APPLiA, representing the home appliance industry, welcomes the launch of the call for evidence on the RoHS Directive revision.

Here are the 12 signatories of the joint statement which addresses the need for ETS and CBAM proposals to take into account downstream industries.

Here are six recommendations to the European Parliament, on Article 11 of the Batteries Regulation, in order to achieve battery replaceability without compromising consumer safety, performance or innovative capacity of the sector.

In order to achieve the EU packaging recycling targets by 2025/2030, the collection rates in the EU must increase. The undersigned organisations are putting forward a concrete and actionable solution to establish an easy and understandable system for correct sorting at source. 

This paper is APPLiA’s contribution to the feedback mechanism launched by the European Commission on six of the Fit for 55 package proposals.