As from 1 January 2019, home appliance manufacturers in Europe, represented by APPLiA and beyond, are starting to distinctly mark certain large appliances containing F-Gases and Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs).

Competitive spirit, emotions and willingness to perform at their best, this is how 16 Brussels-based professionals split in 8 teams played table soccer for a good cause. The award of the winners of the “Score for Charity” tournament, organised by APPLiA, is a highly efficient tumble dryer which they have chosen to donate to Oasis Belgium.

The collaboration between home appliance manufacturers from across the globe is further reinforcing with the Association of European Businesses (AEB) in Russia joining the well-established forum for producer associations, IRHMA.

The well-known across the globe Italian home appliance manufacturer, Smeg, has joined APPLiA.

APPLiA & 7 other associations urge European decision-makers to ensure that the EU cybersecurity certification framework will not be detrimental to the competitiveness of the EU industry and will support a future-proof framework.

Three industry associations, representing home appliances, detergents and the textile care sector, are determined to help consumers save water, reduce CO2 emissions and their monthly bills. #BeTheMaster

The home appliance manufacturers in Europe have managed to face a number of challenges and create opportunities that have contributed to an economically stronger and more sustainable Europe, the new statistical report of the association representing the sector, APPLiA shows.

All commercial actors handling WEEE should report, in the same way producers do and treatment standards for WEEE should be mandatory for all parties.