Ten months ago, associations representing key European and international manufacturers and services industries came together to exchange information, share insights and coordinate positions on Brexit.

The freshly published Market Surveillance Draft Regulation recognises the importance of market surveillance authorities and the need of EU countries to finance adequately the consistent check of real home appliance products taken directly from the market.

On November 21st, the European Parliament JURI and IMCO Committees voted on the report from MEPs Axel Voss and Evelyn Gebhardt regarding the proposal for a Directive on contract rules for the supply of digital content.

Smart, Internet-enabled appliances are entering our homes, moving our lives towards ever-greater connectivity.

Future EU energy label communication campaigns should stress that appliances now available are more energy efficient than those of previous generations

Today, the European Plenary adopted the reports of MEP Simona Bonafè on Commission proposals amending the 2008 Waste Directive, the 2012 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive and the 2006 Batteries and Waste Batteries Directive.

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On 31st January 2017, the new version of the CECED standard for product information (the PI Standard) became available. It is downloadable from the Product Information webpage.

ENVI Reports on proposals for the revision of the EU Waste Legislation seek to solve the whole circular economy challenge without considering practicalities and realities of the Single Market and waste markets in the European Union.

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The European Institutions have reached a political agreement on a new Energy Labelling Framework Regulation

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